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Forum Rules
« on: July 07, 2012, 11:22:04 PM »
1) You are free to say anything you like but any direct insults, slauder, libel or offensive material will not be tolerated. Please keep your personal thoughts and observations in the 'general' spectrum.

2) No trading allowed whatsoever. No selling anything or asking if people have things to sell. Feel free to post links to legitimate shops, but no advertising of anything.

3) Posters with more than 10 posts MUST have a LINK IN THEIR SIGNATURE TO THEIR COLLECTION. The collections are detailed on the front page of this site and consist of a photo gallery of your guns. Your forum user name AND your collection name MUST MATCH.

When uploading photos in the main section they must be less than 1000px wide and in .jpg format otherwise it wont work. You can create suitably sized images using this tool:

Above and beyond this, there are no rules.

Please note, this forum is in 'support' of the main portfolio of collections. The forum is for discussing and talking about yours and other peoples collections. We particularly welcome people from all around the world who want to laugh at what silly English people have to do to their guns in order to 'lawfully' own them.
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