In constantly scouring the online shops, but unfortunatly the stock doesnt really change much. I imagine they have been selling exactly the same stuff for years, but below is a list of sites I think are worth checking out.

Ryton Arms:

Plenty of cheap guns, they actually machine the deacs.

World Wide Arms:

Nice range of cheapies.

Saracen Exports:

Good range of prices and guns.

Battleflag Militaria:

open book,

Arundel Militaria:

Mainly Second World War stuff but also some modern things.

MDW Supplies:

This guy is a collector that also sells stuff, very friendly.



Bedford Guns:

Some nice old guns,

Drop Zone:

Small range but cheapest SLR's I have seen at £295 each,

UKM Sales:

Large turnover of items, worth keeping an eye out for.

UK Militaria:

Antique guns etc, plus the worlds londest running sale, 75% off everything, forever!!!....,

Gun Star:



Always interesting reading but im reluctant to buy from non-trade outlets,

Mart Gun:

a bit like The Sun but without topless girls and provoking stories or news and sports and stuff.

Chris Johnsons:

juries out,

Helston Gunsmiths:

Cheaps AK47's and a few cheap other things. (undergoing rebuild)

Valmont Firearms:

Wow, they just keep popping up.

Stringtown Supplies:

Moderate price options, they are more airsoft.

JC Militaria:

Lots of stuff but a bit pricey

D and B Militaria:

Higher quality, but good turn over and some cheaper stuff.

Real Gun:

New site that sells guns to compliment your Real Dolls outfit.

Micks Guns:

Interesting site because he keeps getting arrested, I think.


new to me

Zib Militaria:

i wonder if they ship to the UK? doesnt say they dont.

Surplus Store:

Never seen a cheapie here, focus is bb guns etc.


Good for pistols.

The Gunner:

Interesting range but the juries still out.

Chelmsford Militaria:

interesting site,


I really like this site but lack of detail makes it of little use,

CS Militaria:

some deacs,

Trapper Industries:

interesting stuff including RPG7

Rus Military:

Interesting but expensive,

Ray Mills:

Some interesting old stuff

Garth Vincent:

Has some ok deacs

Antique Arms Trader:


Antique Militaria:


Colonial Militaria:

not alot of stock,

Antique Armoury:

Excellent source of cheap bullets, in fact the best, but also a small range of deacs. The bullets are made up by a proper bullet maker and so they are in good order and have neato firing caps making them look like unfired live ammo, perfect for leaving on the dashboard of your car,

MJ Noble:

Antiques and old stuff

Rusty Old Arms:

new to me

GB International:

new to me

Easy Military:

new to me

Blunderbuss Antiques:


Collectible Arms:

some obsolete and deactivated stuff

Britton At War:




North Irish Militaria:


SB Militaria:


DBG Militaria:


STV Group:


Mlitary Stores:


Antiques Storehouse:

No online shop for guns but he advertises aloy on milweb? and sells a few interesting items.

Wharton Militaria:


RJ Militaria:

open book

Fultons Of Bisley:


Kirklees Guns:



Foreign site written in gibberish

Flintlock Collection:

new to me

Salisbury Antiques Centre:

Not a lot of stuff

North Coast Armouries:

new to me

MJL Militaria:

new to me

Online Guns:

new to me


new to me

M Johnson Antiques:

new to me

Battalion Militaria:

some deacs,

Old Guns:

Really windy site.

Avrick Antiques:

new to me,

Kirk Emmerich:

new to me

Military Stores:

Small range of standard items

Apex Firearms:

Not much of a deac shop BUT they do have an interesting slant, mainly that they supply to the film and stage markets.

Target Arms:

new to me, but they have a nice rocket launcher for £250 at time of writing this,

Military Might:

Only included this due to its incredible novelty value. They sell stuff that is truly rotted away, calling them 'true relics'. Interesting, but bizarre,

Micheal D Long:

Amazing antique collection, but brings new meaning to the term antique

Henry Krank:

more expensive antiques,

Julian Tacon:

more expensive antiques,

RJ Holloway:

guns, what did you expect?,

DB Militaria:

some deacs,

Brighton & Hove Gunroom:

Obsolete stuff

Southgate Shooting Classics:

Obsolete stuff

German WWII Medals Badges and Insignia:

some deacs,

WD Militaria:

some deacs,

EDI Militaria:

Small Range, some nice ordnance,

Peter Dyson:

not really a deac shop but tons of important stuff like springs, tools, leather bits, firing pins, books and nipple keys.

The Lanes Armoury:

Ive only put this guy in as he does Google Ads and so might appreciate the link, but he is either too expenseive or too specialist,

Militaria Mart:

Just including this because it has a full list of all the MilitariaMart E-Commerce sites. These are all online shops of the same style but many of them are focussed more on things like WW1 original socks or rusted bore war tin openers,

Army Point:

I like this site but they are in Czech and dont reply to my e-amils. I dont think they can post to the UK but their guns are REALLY CHEAP!! Its fantastic that we pay £££££££££zillions into the EU but cant accept their deacs. Vote with a deactivated bullet today, our members of parliament fear us.

Collectors Source:

Canadian site, of course, we cant engage in free trade with our own common wealth and we cant rise up in revolution against our evil govt to change that as we are disarmed and deactivated. But we can surf the internet to see what the free world has to offer.

Shooting Shack:

has a really weird old gun but apparently it was never a real gun in the first place.


Awesome shop that sells wooden guns!!! They're a bit pricey though for wood.


German site that only has pistols.

Militaria & Antiques:

Dodgy looking site with suspicious black backdrops, no address.

Military Antiques Museum:

American site, worth looking at, over priced though. I thought they might have more Mexican weapons and Japanese weapons and such buts its just another boring list of nagents and russia guns, yawn.

Jaybe Militaria:

New company with no address.

Portsmouth Militaria:

Im actually banned from using this shop. I ordered a gun that they didnt deliver and had to get my refund through Paypal. Thats fact. At the end of the events they informed me that they didnt want my custom ever again. I would only recommend this shop if you are happy to sit around for weeks wondering if the order is ever going to arrive.