MyDeactivatedGuns.co.uk is a site to showcase deactivated gun collections etc. Whilst I started with the main objective to show my own collection it struck me later as logical to allow other people to add stuff if they wanted.

Collecting deactivated guns is a great way to promote world peace as when the market and demand for deactivated weapons increases it drags with it more and more live firing weapons in to the deactivators machine shop for their conversion to peacefulness and decorative walling hangingness.

Every deactivated weapons collector knows that for every deactivated weapon they own, and feverishly polish each night there is a kitten running free and wild and alive somewhere out there gratful that it has not been shot and stuffed.

Deactivated weapons also save the environment as they dont emit gaseous discharged to the environment like regular guns do and dont result in little bits of lead littering the world like non biodegradable cigerette butts. And because deactivated guns dont require constant trips to the firing range you are not buring up fossil fuels driving around like a loon every sunday. They are also cost efficient on ammunition.

If your time is money, collecting deactivated guns is great, as unlike a tent and sleeping bag that you might have brought with the intention of going out of the house at some point before you die a while back, and never used because your too busy collecting deactivated guns, deactivated guns dont require a lot of time at all. In fact, once you have ordered one on the internet and it has arrived, usually in its totally recycled packaging material (saving the environment) you can quickly plonk it on the floor or a table or shelf and totally forget all about it and get back on with thatever it was you were doing. ie, its doesnt require that you do anything with it unlike all that other stuff like books and dvd's and gardening equipment and even those nice clothes you brought just in case you ever go outdoors or something. In fact deactivated guns are great as they only take about 40 seconds to play with at any time leaving much more free time to surf the net for porn and grissly pictures of corpses and stuff between eating, sleeping and visiting the bathroom.

Deactivated guns are also great for scaring away unwanted intruders like the rent assessment girl, the postman and clients that insist they must pop round to dop something off. The moment they see your extended display of SMGS carefully arranged in a pile on the floor they never come back, and that white van thats been parked outside is not MI5/6 or special squad or anything, so not to worry about being arrested for being a terrorist.

Deactivated guns are also geat in case of Zombie attacks, and you can practice by shooting your neigbours through the curtains, but be careful they dont realise they your pointing guns at them as they might get funny about it.

Of course the best thing about deactivated guns is watching movies that have your guns in them. Theres nothing like jumping about on your sofa watching some action flick about a cocaine bust where the bad guys have sten guns or uzis and stuff. Remember, 99% of all films ever made have guns in them and they all look cool. Unlike masturbating which is totally uncool and you shouldnt do, especially whilst surfing the web for young girls playing with each others bottoms.