Shopping List


This page is for me to keep a sort of note on the cheapest price of stuff im looking for, but it might be of interest to other people.

Russian Maxim:

Righton have them at £395 but when you put it into the cart the shipping is £50. Scaracen do them for £450 inc shipping.


just on my list as they are cheap, £295 from Worldwide Arms.


Helston do an MG42 which is thee same thing really for £295. Righton Arms at £395.


£350 from somewhere.

Swiss Model 1878 Vetterli :

£399 from somewhere.

Portuguese FMP Submachine Gun :

£LOL from somewhere.

Spanish Z45 Submachine Gun :

£LOL from somewhere.

Akaba Submachine Gun :

£LOL from somewhere.

Egyptian Port Said Submachine Gun :

£LOL from Battleflag.

Mat 49 :

£LOL from D & B.

Mac 10 :

£LOL from my wildest dreams (ok, not the wildest, but some closet in my dreams, or maybe a waking dream, or just my imagination, ok, just a passing thought.).