Im a bit of a gun spotter and I like to watch out for the guns in films. Films just dont look the same when your looking out for the guns and how they use them and such. For the holy grail of GUNS IN MOVIES check out


Awesome film. Just watched it and it stars a G3. A lot of these Scandanavian films have G3 rifles in them, including another recent film about some kids that go camping in Norway or Sweden and they have a G3, (Cold Prey 3).

The best part about this film is the dramatic smashing of the window!!!! Not that im into smashing windows but I was really on the edge of my chair. All in all its an excellent film. And to be honest its an impressive robbery. The nonchallent way the robbers hang about outside whilst people walk past is incredible.

Omega Man:

Whats that gun??... ooooh, its a Smith & Wesson M76

Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels:

Great Bren Gun scene and also, for the coniosoiur, vintage shotgun action!!!

Letters From The Dead:

Awesome, totally makes me want to run out and join the Nazis!!! Great ending firing the big german MG42?? or whatever it was and MP40 action!!! Also some great Italian action firing the big MG with eyes closed, it appeared and head down. Lol, Rambo need not apply!!


Not really time to write this up but excellent film for deadc spottters. Watch out for the zip guns!!!


Awesome 6 hour film!!!! They use a few guns I cant quite identify, ones with handley things on the front part, but theres some excellent Scorion action (totally want one now) and even better RPG action!!!! lol, a bit expensive for me, but wow.



Just watched Stalingrad on You-Tube. Great film. Pleanty of MP40's and lots of PPSh-41's. Was actually building this site when I was watching it so I was a bit distracted. Great scene where they took out a bunch of tanks that made me want to buy a deac AT Gun. Wikipedia says Stalingrad is a 1993 film by Joseph Vilsmaier, which depicts the horrors of combat on the Eastern Front of World War II in a realistic and unromanticized fashion. I should really watch it again and pay attention, but I would highly recommend it.


Bad Taste:

Awesome film. Bad Taste stars loads of deactivated guns. Its starts off with a boring Magnum, im not into handguns really, but its not long before they get out an UZI with some really cliff hanging action. Moves onto some hardcore Sten/Stirling action, AK47s, and an assortment of pistols. I think there is also an MP40 at one stage and possibly other stuff. At one stage they even have a bazooka. This is a surprising film with great performance from a whole bunch of guns with as well as some amazing magazine reloading scenes where you get close ups of the bullets and the magazines being loaded and all that. Whilst not to everyones taste it certainly did it for me. Run out and ask your local cinema to screen it right now!!!!